segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Vajazzler or Vajazzling, a new trend to be sexy and sensual

For who does not know what means the word "Vajazzler" or "Vajazzling" it is the application of Swarovski crystals after a Brazilian Wax hair removing of the pubic area. It can be a bright way of spyce your sex life with glitter and shinings. Your partner can be guided in the dark to the right place like a air plane that needs to know where to land in.

Personaly I like the effect of the crystals in that area, it brings glamour to the place where are applied crystals. It is sexy and I like it.

Vajazzling was brought to public by the celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitthas, to be honest with you I would like to se pictures of the "Vajazzler" of Jennifer.

It may be just add jewels to your 'va-jay-jay' in the words of Jennifer Love Hewitt, so it is bedazzlin your 'lady parts' with crystals to make it more attractive, And Men should like it. We have people with fetishes for everythig, why not for Vajazzeled women?

She mentioned that her friend did that to her with Swarovski Crystals after a break-up and that she describes it all in her new book The Day I Shot Cupid.

Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on the George Lopez show, where she described this new bizarre trend and no body really seemed to know what to say. She even said 'it looks like a disco ball down there'. We can say that every man likes to party and girls be the center of a party. I do not bother if my girlfriend gives me the bright surprise of appeared to me Vajazzled.

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